A guideline to tell the difference between original and unoriginal parts
On road, it’s important to keep your vehicle running safely and efficiently. Vehicles, especially, commercial and heavy duty, are used as source of income, thus, they must keep on operating and generating money. When any of your car parts break down, it’s unfortunate. But this happens all the times on the road. Original Parts in your car, if needed to be replaced, must be replaced with alike parts.

You must be thinking unoriginal parts are quit cheaper, right? This may be right, but it’s dangerous, as well. Here’s why;
1- Unoriginal parts don’t always fit. It needs modifications most of the times and you know better that any modification may harm the body of your vehicle.
2- Unoriginal parts damage other parts and affect the performance of your car negatively.
3- Unoriginal parts probably won’t last. It’s mostly made of inferior raw material, so, it’s less resistance to climate change and road difficulties.
4- Unoriginal parts are not always available, so it quite common that you may not find the same part again. It disappears due to its poor quality.
5- Unoriginal parts, when installed, affect negatively the overall price of your vehicle. There’re not compatible with the car and look odd.
6- Unoriginal parts may resemble the original but won’t perform as well.
Therefore, genuine original parts are good investment. they fit your vehicle perfectly with no modification needed. Installing original parts will protect your car resale value. As well, you can rest in peace; knowing that those original parts are manufactured using the same raw material and production technique as the OEM, thus, the quality is trusted and you are safer from accidents.